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The Downside of Authority

From Seth Godin: A friend writes, “it is so frustrating not being able to control people.” Of course, there’s a flipside. If you could control people, just imagine how heavy that responsibility would weigh on you. Freedom of choice brings … Continue reading

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Using iSCSI volumes as mountable filesystems under CentOS 7

This was supposed to be something simple, but it ended up taking more time and energy than it had any right to.  These are the basic steps to get the storage volume created and connected: Create the volume on your favorite … Continue reading

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Everyone loves dessert, right?

You’re hosting a big crowd, and it comes to that nice scrumptious dessert that you spent a lot of time on … and one of your guests won’t eat it.  How rude!  You put all that time and effort into … Continue reading

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Why people don’t vote

There are many reasons people will give you when asked why they don’t vote … “It is too inconvenient” “I don’t have time” “I don’t know the people that are running” “I don’t know all the issues” “It’s only a … Continue reading

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Why are we here?

One of the fundamental questions that define who we are and how we interact with the world (otherwise known as our worldview) is this simple question:  “Why are we here?” Most people could quickly answer this question with something like, … Continue reading

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What path are you on?

Having seen the movie Ender’s Game for a second time now, I have to stop and think about what role we play in our own world:  Colonel Graff or Ender Wiggin? “We won … that’s all that matters.” – Col Graff … Continue reading

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There is always a reason

I always wondered why God left Jacob’s family in Egypt when he knew that they would get dumped on, abused, and turned into slaves, necessitating the miraculous rescue through the Red Sea. They could have left before it turned bad: … Continue reading

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Like father, like son?

In Genesis 12, God called Abram and his wife Sarai (later renamed as Abraham and Sarah) out of Haran (probably somewhere in the area we now call Northern Syria) and sent them westward and then south through the land of … Continue reading

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I Am A Veteran

I am battle weary. I cry for my comrades lost in battle. I hold my family close. I have memories that haunt me day and night. I fought to keep my country free. I am proud of my country’s might. … Continue reading

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Make a joyful noise!

Many times in the Bible, God tells us to celebrate and to sing and be happy.  Even in the stodgy books like Deuteronomy, it commands us to celebrate: You shall rejoice in your feast, you and your son and your … Continue reading

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