I Am A Veteran


I am battle weary.
I cry for my comrades lost in battle.
I hold my family close.
I have memories that haunt me day and night.
I fought to keep my country free.

I am proud of my country’s might.
I love those I had to leave behind.

I will carry the scars of battle all the days of my life.
I hope that one day there will be no more need to fight.
I wish that no one needed to suffer.

I am a remnant of the man who left for war.
I missed the birth of my firstborn.
I was unable to tell my father that I love and forgive him before he died.
I lost my dog, whom I had had since childhood.
I gave my all for my country.

I am –
A Veteran.

My daughter wrote this a couple years ago … and it is just as moving now as it was when I first read it.  We talk about those that gave their lives to protect our freedom, but we also need to remember those that come home — but can’t leave it all on the battlefield.

Thanks, Alyssa.

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  1. Eric Adams says:

    A great post. My father was a tank mechanic in the push for Berlin in WWII. I never had the opportunity to talk to him seriously about his experience, but I know it troubled him deeply until his death. We tend toto they our vets after they return to civilian life. I am glad we are taking PTSS more seriously now. Keep writing.

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