What color are your glasses?

BibleGlassesWe all look at the world around us through some kind of glasses.  Some are rose-colored, some are sunglasses, and some try to correct our vision in some way.

Ok … we don’t all wear glasses, but there is something that affects how we see the world and interact with it:  our worldview.  Everyone has one … whether they realize it or not.  It’s made up of the combination of our beliefs, our fears, our education, our experience, and a whole lot more.  It helps us understand what we see by filling in the gaps:  we don’t see anything holding up an airplane as it flies across the sky, but we know that the air under its wings is what keeps it from falling.  It also can bias our perception because of something we’ve experienced before:  we don’t trust anyone because we just found out our best friend has been lying to us.

Unlike a pair of glasses our worldview isn’t something that we can take off and swap for another one.  It is as much a part of us as our fingerprints.  Knowing what a worldview is, however, can help us understand why we’re reacting in a particular way and — more importantly — help us understand why someone is not understanding what we’re trying to say because we can see what color their glasses are.

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