What makes a good leader?

??????????In my efforts to learn more about leadership — both for my own use and so I can teach it to others — I’ve run across several lists of “qualities of leaders” from respected figures such as Dave Ramsey and Dan Rockwell, and on blogs at Fast Company and Forbes.  Each list was presented in the context of a particular point or emphasis, but there were common themes throughout that show some “basic principles” of leadership that everyone can agree on.  These common themes include:

  • Honesty
  • Humility
  • Vision
  • Communications
  • Flexibility
  • Servant
  • Responsible
  • Confident
  • Team Focused
  • Courageous

In my next few posts I will look at each one in turn — trying to pull from different sources to create a picture that existing or prospective leaders can use to help develop their leadership potential; not by memorizing rules or learning skills, but by understanding what it means to be a successful leader.


  1. Jason B. Ladd

    You might like this post on leadership, “Arrows: Don’t Lead Home Without Them” http://wp.me/p3BzWN-6M

    1. Ed Williams

      I appreciate the pointer — thanks!

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  3. Jessica

    In case you’re interested… We are going through the book “Wooden on Leadership” by John Wooden in one of my classes here. He has a pyramid of leadership qualities he says are necessary for leaders. I like it because it shows foundational qualities (honesty, teamwork, respect, etc) and then the qualities that build off of those, and so on. It’s an interesting way to look at the qualities of a leader. 🙂

    1. Ed Williams

      Interesting … I’ll check it out. Thanks!

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